Why I Chose to Go College

Topics: College, Higher education, Community college Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Scott croissy
September 29, 2012
English 099
Professor Toomer
College Essay #1

The reason why I'm in college is because I want a better future for myself and to show my family that I can become somebody one day. Sometimes I would say to myself like “why am I even here? This place is not the place for me “. In other words college is not for everybody because not everyone who lives with their parents who can afford for tuition for college. But for me I realize that staying alone and not doing nothing for me was the biggest mistake I ever made as young adult at the age of nineteen. Soon as I turn 20 I decided that it was time for me to do something that’s going to be right for myself which was working and going to college. The first day of me attending college was amazing meeting new people and getting to know others such as colleagues. The reason why I chose to go to union county college is because I didn’t have enough money to get into the college I wanted to go so I decided to go there to see what Its like to be in a 2 year community college . I mean it really didn’t matter to me as long I was doing something for myself to keep me busy and to keep me away from the trouble. Sometimes I think about like where I would be if I wasn’t working or going to school. I said to myself its jail, streets or die being nothing in a world full of opportunities. But now I’m somebody that’s making better decisions for me. I see that I have achieved my goal even though I have more to come which meaning I have more than just a dream. Now that I really look it without an education your not getting anywhere in life to become successful if you don’t what you have to do for yourself to become what you want to be in life then your wasting your time living for nothing to be
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