Topics: Higher education, College, Problem solving Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Diagnostic Essay
What is college? College is like a stepping stone from childhood to adulthood. It is the key to future success. I have chosen to attend college to better myself in the future. I plan to utilize everything I have learned from college by putting to use in the real world. Looking ahead ten years from now, I see myself in my career job, and the reason I will be in that career is because college brought me a step closer to my goals. First of all, I have chosen to attend college, because I want to do better for me in the future by having a better education, and a stronger knowledge of what the world has to offer. I’ve seen some of the struggles that my family been through in the past most likely due to not going to college, and I see better for myself, so attending college is just the first step to bettering myself. College also helps me to know everything that’s needed to know about the field I am studying which is criminal justice. Secondly, I plan to utilize what I’ve learned in college by using everything that I’ve learned in college by using everything that I’ve learned and bringing it to use in the real world. College will help me not only solve math problems, but it will also help me solve problems in real life situations, such as knowing what do if my boss had ask me to write a memo for my job. College will help me get my degree in criminal justice, so I can have a better chance at having a career in that field that I enjoy doing, and having much success at it. Last but not least, I see my ten years from now, being successful with a well established career job that I enjoy doing. College will help me become that successful person in life because it equipped me with the tools necessary to achieve my professional aims in life. College will have given me the basic skills that I’ve needed to know in the field that my job is in. A good college education should be all that I need to become successful. Everyone’s goal in life is to make a decent...
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