Why I Decided to Go to College

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Why I Decided To Go To College

Daniel Duckett-Pope
Dr. Gordon Theisen
ENG 90 Writing Fundamentals (Online)

I have several different reasons why I decided to go college. One reason why I decided to go to school is to seek a higher education level. I graduated from high school in June of 2011 which was way behind the time that I was originally suppose to graduate. I wanted to keep my learning fresh but, I ran into to some personal problems which prevented me from attending college in 2011. Now that I am in college I want to achieve something that has not been achieved in my family so far; no one has ever graduated from college some have been but none have graduated. Another reason why I decided to go to college is because I am from south east D.C. and not a lot of people even make it out of high school. I can honestly say out of every 10 people from my neighborhood only 2 go to college and only 1 might graduate. Going to college has been something I've thought about since elementary. I never expected to go to college because I wanted to be a gangster. I know that it sounds kind of crazy but where I am from that's what everybody's into; staying around the way, hanging out on the block, making some tax free money. I have a dream to one day open up my own barber shop and 24 hour daycare. At first I didn't have those goals but I did once I started to pay attention to the economy and what makes money. Anyways after I had my daughter I decided to make a change to my life, I also felt like I needed to make a better example of myself for her sake. Her birth has a lot to do with me making a change and trying to get my college degree. Because I am a full time father she looks at everything I do especially since she turned 2 years old. She picks up on almost everything I do. But basically I just want to provide her with best opportunity to have a great life and going to college gives me that...
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