Reason Why I Attend College

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William Keith Davis

Reason why I attend college
Success is learning
Criminal justice


MY REASONS FOR ATTENDING COLLEGE The vision of being someone important one day inspires me along with my family. There are many reasons for my decision to attend college. It seems to be the next logical step for me in my career change. The time I spent with my kids and wife made me realize something very important is the future I will need to secure for them and to be the perfect role model that I can be. Choosing the criminal justice field will help me understand the training and thoughts I need to know for the occupation that I’ve chosen. I have several reasons for attending college. My goals in life I take very seriously I love to learn especially if I can benefit from it. The decisions I make today will affect me tomorrow and everybody around me.As a child growing up my family didn’t have much going to college then was only for rich people I thought. In the home I grew up in my parents didn’t really ask much of me just too graduate high school. To achieve my degree, it will help me be more financially stable. I want to be able to get a better paying job through my ability to learn, and to help my kids through college something my parents couldn’t do for me so there struggles in life will be far more less than mine was. Attending college will also prepare me for my career in law enforcement The dream of success and wealth through hard work is my common goal in life. I find that great success nearly impossible to achieve without attending college. College will undoubtedly make me successful with greater job opportunities available after I graduate. The skills and ethics I learned in college to become the most successful in my chosen profession. College is an institution of higher learning that I intend on taking full advantage of. Success can be defined a lot of different ways. When I speak of success, I am referring to gainful employment. My career choice...
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