Why I Chose a Mba

Topics: Master of Business Administration, Business school, Management Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 7, 2008
My pursuits of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Who could believe that I would be back in school again trying to pursue a Master's of Business Administration degree? 11 years have gone by since I graduated from Southwest Missouri State, where I earned a Bachelor in Sociology with a minor in General Business. I knew the day would come when an advanced degree would be necessary and after watching the movie "The Bucket List," which Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman co-stared, it reminded me that I had some unfinished goals that I had not completed. A MBA degree would help me achieve the following goals: personal and professional development, and advanced career opportunities. In this paper I will define my two goals with these questions in mind. (1) How did you decide to pursue your MBA? (2)What do you expect to gain from completing your MBA program? According to Gallozzi (n.d.), "Regardless of the state of our lives – shady, normal, or extraordinary – there is always room for improvement." I now see earning my MBA as an opportunity to improve my personal and professional skills. While studying for my MBA my focus is to gain knowledge in analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information for my every day life. (University of Phoenix, Bloom's Taxonomy) After reading the University of Phoenix (UOP) curriculum, it appears as though a substantial amount of time will be spent writing and researching. These tasks will help me get back on track with not only my written communications but also my verbal communication on a personal and professional level. I would not consider myself a poor writer; however, I also do not consider myself an expert - I fall somewhere in the middle of the road. I believe with taking these courses will boost my confidence in this challenging business arena, which in turn will motivate me to take the initiative to place myself in situations that will make others sit up and take notice. Another reason I decided that now was the...
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