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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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July 20, 2012

To: Graduate Admissions, Texas A&M University-Commerce


1. As a Navy Supply Corps officer, I am expected to be well versed in various aspects of general business management such as financial management, acquisitions, operational logistics, analysis, and research. Earning an MBA from Texas A&M is consistent with the core skill set most valued in a Supply Corps officer. Attending this great institution will further my naval career as a Supply Corps officer and will allow me to contribute to its longstanding history of being the Navy’s premier business leaders.

2. To successfully become a contributing force in the Supply Corps, I would need to develop multiple business skills. These skills include optimal allocation of resources, management of finances, and development of strategies to remain connected to the Navy and joint war fighter to ensure we meet their requirements. In addition to developing hard business skills, I would also need to develop soft skills such as networking. I can gain all these skills through a MBA program at Texas A&M.

3. The MBA program at Texas A&M will provide me with a balanced set of business skills, greater exposure to economic theories, and expertise for me to successfully deliver sustained logistic capabilities to the Navy and allied forces. The prominent faculty would help me better understand the latest and time-tested trends of business management. The accomplished and inspiring peer group online will also be a source of vast learning as well. The diversity of the online community will give me exposure to business leaders from across the country, thereby expanding my business strategic viewpoint of the world. This diversity would also result in a healthy production of ideas, which I can tap into to develop best business practices. These characteristics are the embodiment of a Navy Supply Corps officer; characteristics prevalent in the Texas A&M MBA...
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