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Of all your courses, activities, internships, and work experience, which one did you find most rewarding or personally satisfying? Explain why. The most rewarding work experience that I have had was to work as a volunteer for the International office at Northern Virginia Community College. Personally, I considered volunteering responsible work because it requires time effort and commitment. Working as a volunteer with the International Office was meaningful to me because I was able to assist so many students in achieving their dream of obtaining an American college education. I was able to help the International Students and to give them a better understanding of the resources that NOVA offers to international students. Furthermore, my responsibility was to arrange student get-togethers and in so doing build a sense of community and cohesion. My purpose for volunteering was to assist international students, many of whom are away from home with very little support at a very young age, with making a smooth transition in to a new coulter. This is particularly important to me because I am a dual citizen of America and Pakistan and understand the difficulty of assimilating into a new culture. FUTURE GOALS

Based on your current achievements and interests, describe the kind of work that you plan to be doing in 10 years, both in your career and in your community. My goal is to get my Masters in Information System and Operation Management (ISOM). I chose this major because I have strong curiosity to learn about Information System Technology. However, I am also interested in business. I am excited about my major because ISOM, which is a mixture of IT and business, will prepare me to be successful in the future. Furthermore, in 10 years, I hope to be working with Multi Complex Corporations well established in a successful career, after earning Masters in (ISOM) Information System and Operational Management. I am very confident that in next 10 years, I will be in a...
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