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of Statement Purpose

Personal Background: me If one wereto ask my friendsto describe they would describe me I as a very pleasant, diverse, activeand a good learner. think one of my most distinguishingcharacteristic the diversityof experiences possess. am a is I I I commerce studentwith a flair for the Management. am a personwith Administration. alsohavea I aptitude andpursuinginterest Business in passionfor travelingand understanding differentculturesof the world. All theseelements havegiven me a very broadoutlook,with varying degrees of knowledg. in a rangeof topics.I stronglybelievethat althoughsomearenot will influence graduate my work. related directly,all thesequalities Reason for doing Master in BusinessAdministration: Administration to I am applyingfor admission the Masterin Business in equips I Degreein finance,because want a career this field. MBA degree From drawing me with all the knowledg. requiredto startmy own business. plan, to finding venturecapital, executingmy idea; it helpsme to a business to with everythi.rg. During the courseof the MBA program,I am expected presentations, repofts. and This prepare projects, innumerable casestudies, of rigoroustraining equipsan MBA for the practicaldemands his profession. for careerin a MBA canhelp me to create foundation a successful management. Administration would Degreein Business I believethat the Masters It me theseobjectives. would enable to in Be invaluable helpingme achieve issues skills in analyzing business -y and conceptual Channel quantitative in And would openup new avenues this field. I did my schooling(High EducationBoard in orderto School)underthe Guj aratHigher Secondary prospects. Economics, and my broaden perspective to improvemy career - subjects new to me - were and Accountancy Management Business and conceptual skills to and I enjoyedapplyingquantitative Interesting, problemsduring the high school. Analyzebusiness

Administrationin your reputed I want to do Mastersof Business On...
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