Online MBA Programs vs. On-Site Programs

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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Online MBA Programs versus On-site Programs
Andrew Cortez
Managerial Marketing
BUS 620
Sharif Muhammad
October 23, 2011

Online MBA Programs versus On-site Programs
With unemployment rates at an all time high combined with the increasing costs associated with traditional brick and mortar schools, online education is by far one of the fastest growing and thriving industries. As younger students are attempting to pursue traditional higher education, they are realizing that the costs are not only increasing daily, but the programs are longer in duration and often not a better education than the online line programs. Those who have lost their jobs and need an edge over other unemployed candidates are finding that a B.A degree alone is often not enough and that in fact an MBA degree could greatly improve their chances as being more appealing to employers who have few jobs to offer to an overwhelming number of applicants. Those who do have jobs are often concerned about the stability of that job and this group is also is also looking towards those higher degree’s as to remain competitive and viable for their current jobs or for future jobs that may offer them more stability. This group typically has high work demands and as a result, they have to weigh their options when it comes to returning to school to obtain that MBA. The number of college level distance learning classes offered online continues to increase as they offer greater scheduling flexibility to students, they appeal to students who like to work independently, and allow colleges to increase enrollment without building new classrooms (Werhner, 2010, p. 310). Understanding fully what your goals are, as well as what limits you may have will help to determine the right direction for a student. The following will include a marketing plan that will assist in demonstrating the advantages of perusing an online MBA program as a viable and preferred alternative to an on-site MBA Program.

1. Company Overview:
San Diego Higher Education (SDHE) is an online, for Profit Company that focuses on online education with the purpose serving its students as a viable method of obtaining an MBA degree via web-based courses through an accredited university. With the SDHE online MBA program, you can have the skills and experience you need to increase your chances for success by taking on the most complex leadership roles. SDHE has been assisting San Diego residents in obtaining an MBA degree using the online medium since 2007. The company had initially targeted low income and or unemployed individuals, but it has expanded its offerings with the intent to grow towards all segments. Beyond practical skills, the program is also designed to foster thought leadership, innovation, and corporate social responsibility on a multinational, multicultural scale; SDHE is headquartered in San Diego California. Key Leaders of the company:

• Tanner C. Dean-CEO
• Jeffery S. Anderson-CFO
• Scott R. Howard-COO
• Andrew Cortez-CMO

Key Service Offerings: Online MBA programs with a specialization in Finance, Healthcare Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Global Management and Accounting.

2. Executive Summary of Marketing Plan:
As the economy has continued to decline and unemployment has continued to increase, the need for affordable and accessible online educational options have increased. The use of on-line instructional delivery methods by non-traditional adult learners continues to grow as technological and societal changes have enabled and encouraged this growth. The purpose of this marketing plan is to review recent marketing strategies with respect to how adults learn and tie that strategy into a discussion based upon a review of the suitability of, satisfaction with, and preference towards on-line instruction among adults. Some areas for improvement are discovered and recommendations...
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