Why a plant is living and a rock isn't

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Why a plant is a living thing and a rock isn’t
All living things and organisms have cells. Cell is a collection of living matter. Any living thing that is made up of a single cell is a unicellular organism. The organism that is most familiar is a multicellular organism for example animals and plants. A rock unlike a plant or an animal does not any cells that can grow, reproduce, or respond to the environment. Reproduction

All organisms can make new organisms through a process called reproduction. There are two kinds of reproduction: sexual and asexual. In sexual reproduction there are two parents that combine cells to make a new unique organism. In asexual reproduction there is a single parent. In some forms of asexual reproduction a single celled organism divides in half to for two organisms. Let’s suppose you were to put a plant in your backyard, it would slowly over time reproduce more of its self-overtime. Genetic Code

Offspring usually resemble their parents. With sexual reproduction the offspring and their parents differ from their parents in some ways unlike in asexual reproduction were the offspring and their parent have the same traits, although there is a limitation to the differences. For Example, flies produce flies, dogs produce dogs and seeds from maple trees produce maple trees. Inherit traits are carried by DNA, with this and minor variations determines the inherited traits of every organism on earth. Rocks cannot inherit traits because they cannot reproduce. Growth and Development

Every living thing grows at least on time in their life. For some single celled organism like bacteria, growth is only an increase in size. But for multicellular organisms though, typically go through a process called development. During the development stage the single fertilized egg cell divides again and again to produce the many cells of mature organisms. As they divide it starts to turn into its true form. For other organisms this includes periods of...
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