Medical Terminology Weekly Reflection Week Two

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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In this week’s learning, I learned from Readings and Lectures from Chapter Two and Four. In Chapter Two I learned, The Medical Terms of the different Anatomical Planes, Directions, and Body Regions. I learned the individual body systems into the organization and functions of the body as a whole. I learned How to comprehend, spell, and write medical terms pertaining to the body as a whole so I can communicate and document medical terms accurately and precisely. I learned to recognize and pronounce medical terms pertaining to the body as a whole so that I can communicate verbally with accuracy and precision. I learned the Composition of the Body:

* Organ Systems
* Organs
* Tissues
* Cells
* Organelles
* Molecules
* Atoms
I Learned the Structure and Function of Cells:
As the zygote divides, every cell it creates becomes a complex little factory that carries out these basic life functions. * Manufacture of proteins and lipids
* Production and use of energy
* Communication with other cells
* Replication of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
* Reproduction of itself
I Learned the Four Primary Tissue Groups with their functions and locations: * Connective
* Epithelial
* Muscle
* Nervous
I Learned Connective Tissues in the Knee Joint:
* Bones
* Cartilage
* Ligaments
* Tendons
* Joint Capsule
* Synovial membrane
* Muscle Tissue
* Nervous Tissue
I Learned the Organs and Organ Systems:
* Integumentary
* Skeletal
* Muscular
* Nervous
* Endocrine
* Cardiovascular
* Lymphatic
* Digestive
* Respiratory
* Urinary
* Reproductive
In Chapter Four I Learned , The bones of the Skeletal System ,Diseases of Bones, The Different Bone Fractures, The Axial Skeleton, The Skull and Face, The Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb, Disorders of the Pelvic Girdle and much more. Bones of the Skeletal System:

There are four components of the skeletal system which...
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