Seeing Similarities Between Plants and Animals

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  • Published : December 15, 2011
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Seeing Similarities Between Plants and Animals

As you look around outside, you may see birds perched in trees, frogs croaking on lily pads, and even dogs digging in the grass. Our world is filled with plants and animals, yet when a person thinks of the phrase 'plants and animal,' they automatically begin thinking about the differences between the two. As different as they may seem, plants and animals are very similar in the following areas: reproduction, human uses, and the requirement of water. Even though plants and animals can be distinguished from one another, evolution has bridged the gap between the two more than most people realize.

All organisms need to reproduce for the continuation of their species, otherwise that species would die off. Both plants and animals reproduce and in the process create offspring. You will never see a plant with the same type of reproductive system as in an animal; however, plants do form their own versions of these organs called gametes. Two aspects of reproduction are the process of fertilization and birth. The process of fertilization is nothing more than the male and female sex cells combining. Two sperm cells are involved in the fertilization process with plants; one combines with the egg cell and the other becomes the seed. In the process of fertilization with animals, only one sperm fertilizes the female egg. Life for a new plant begins when it emerges from its seed. Part of the growth process occurs while still in the seed and the remainder occurs after birth. For example, do you remember when you were in elementary school, and had to place a bean seed in a plastic bag with water? After about a week, you were able to see roots sprout from the seed. This showed us how plants were born. Meanwhile, life for an animal begins when exiting the mother's womb or from an egg. In both cases, birth is experienced; however, with plants the process is called mitosis and with animals it is called meiosis. As can be seen,...
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