Why You Should Adopt a Pet

Topics: Dog, Pet, Pets Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Why should I adopt a dog and why you should too?

There are many reasons to adopt a dog. There are many reasons why you should too. Dogs can make the greatest companions, with unconditional love a dog will always be there for you. They can also bring life into an otherwise dull home. Adopting a dog from a kill shelter and adoption centers can also save a life. Choosing the right place to adopt your dog from is a major contributing factor as you may be stopping the use of puppy mills.

Coming home each day after a hard days work a loving dog will always be there to greet you. The moment you walk into the door you will always see a big smile and a wagging tale. There is never the question of loyalty a dog will always stay faithful. In turn it becomes a true symbiotic relationship where you will both need each other. We all have busy lives and sometimes think you do not have the ability to have a dog while on the contrary you may have more time then you think. While some people have outside dogs many more have inside dogs. They become part of the family some people act as if they are their kids. Have you ever thought why? They are also your own personal alarm system that will guard your house while you are gone and also while you are home. They ensure your safety and are the greatest deterrent from intruders. Dogs also comfort you when you are sad and maintain your happiness. They force you to go outside to get some fresh air and or exercise and in the electronic age this is something that many people have started to neglect.

Where should you get your dog from and why you may ask? Adopt a dog. Dogs that are adopted are normally healthier then pure breeds but many pure breeds can be found also if you so truly desire. They are fixed and usually the adoption fee covers all initial vaccinations and also fixes a dog so they can no longer reproduce. This is an important aspect of adopting a dog as currently 5 to 7 million animals enter shelters every year...
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