How About a Dog?

Topics: English-language films, Dog, Friendship Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: January 1, 2013
I love animals. In fact, there really isn’t an animal on this earth that I don’t love. Lions, tigers, and bears oh yeah! There is so much that people gain from animals, and especially from animals that are in your care. No matter whether you have a cat, dog, bird, hamster, or even a goldfish, they are beautiful creatures and deserve our admiration and respect. As I see people who have pets, it just seems like they are happier then people who don’t have pets. There is a connection there that brings a joy to there lives. I want that connection, and I know you want it too. So with that in mind, I have made a decision that I know is going to change my life for the much better, and I honestly believe it would be a great step for you also. I am going to adopt a dog from the animal shelter. The reasons I mentioned above are more then enough for me to make this decision, but the fact that a dog offers unconditional love, will increase my activity level, and will make me an all-around healthier person are the most important reasons why I am making this decision, and I can’t wait.

First and foremost there is the love that you get from owning a dog. It is without a doubt, the most important reason why I want one. One of the most important aspects about the love you that you get from a dog is often mis-understood. The love doesn’t just come out of nowhere. I will have to earn the love that I want. I will have to earn the friendship I seek. I will have to feed it regularly, walk it regularly, play with it regularly, and just show the dog that I care and can be depended upon. When I do this I will have earned a friend for life that I know I can depend on to be there for me. The work I put into loving the dog will be paid back ten-fold and that will create benefits way beyond just knowing that your dog loves you, and you love it.

As I mentioned, one of the ways that I can earn my new dogs love and friendship is to take it out for walks and play with it on a regular...
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