Why We Study Torism and Hospitality at University

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 5, 2011
With the considerable growth of hospitality and tourism industry and more governments recognizing the industry’s contribution to national and local economies, a number of academic institutions have expanded degree offerings and started specializing in these disciplines (Garside 1991). Study tourism and hospitality at University are essential not only for academic advances but also for developing practical applications. Wiley (1995) argues that the success of every hotel company is conditioned by the capability of its managers to coordinate the business with the changes that characterize the modern international environment. Marketing is a required course for the University. Through study of the Marketing, the managers of hotel companies can strategically plan to direct the studing constantly searching and choosing ways to be competitive, to decide how to attract new tourists, how to keep the permanent tourists, how product to be more attractive from the competitors ones, how to position successfully on the competitive tourist market. So study Marketing at university is necessary for tourism and hospitality. Furthermore, Langbert (2002) also argues that Tourism in general and food service in particular contribute to a nation's economic development in many ways, in addition to the immediately apparent prospects of creating jobs and boosting overall income. Food and Beverage is interesting course at University. Before go to hotel to practice, students have to pass the test about alcohol and food service. Through study the Food and Beverage, it will be improve the ability of practical, easier get job and adapt to working at hotel. So study this course at University is very important for students. In conclusion, some 6,000 new employees are needed every year to service the expanding hospitality and tourism industry, according to Failte Ireland, the national tourism development authority (Cohen, 2005). From this, it can be seen that Tourism and Hospitality personnel...
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