Celestial Travel Agency: Marketing Strategy of Philippine Tourism in the United Kingdom

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Customer service Pages: 12 (4130 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the world; thus, almost every country relies on the industry. The income that a country gains from the industry is almost half of its gross national product. However, for developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, promoting hospitality and tourism is not a problem since they are already known and well-established worldwide. On the other hand, for developing countries where they mostly rely on the industry for income, such as the Philippines, upholding their hospitality and tourism sector will be hard. A lot of factors have to be considered, for instance, safety and security of the tourists, the cost of the tour, and the significance of the place as tourism nowadays relies on popularity—the more popular the place is, the more tourists it will attract. Thus, the demand for effective marketing strategies and public relations is a necessity. There are Filipino travel agencies in the UK, yet the number of British people who visit the Philippines is still low compared to the other countries in Europe, such as Germany and Netherlands. The main reason for this is the effectiveness of the marketing strategies used by these agencies. It is also noted that most of these travel agencies focus on the Filipinos in the UK as their target market. This research aims to develop marketing strategies for a hospitality and tourism organization by critically evaluating marketing strategies in the hospitality and tourism sector, assessing the role of network and customer relationship marketing strategies for hospitality and tourism organizations, and recommending marketing and customer loyalty strategies for a hospitality or tourism organization. Also, it aspires to critically evaluate marketing communication strategies for hospitality and tourism organizations through brand strategies, e-marketing, viral marketing, and guerilla marketing. The author chooses Celestial Travel Agency, a Filipino travel agency based in Victoria, London. The agency offers travel and tour packages to the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe and the Philippines. Majority of its clients are the Filipinos who are in the United Kingdom. The researcher will investigate the marketing strategies the organization is utilizing, and afterwards, the author will develop a marketing strategy that can be viable for the organization in order to increase market share.

This study is a qualitative research that attempts to discover the best marketing strategies utilized by organizations in the hospitality and tourism industry that will be applicable to the subject of research. It intends to accrue existing data governing the principles of marketing strategies. Thus, secondary research will be exhausted during the course of research. ESSENCE OF MARKETING

Marketing (Armstrong, et. al) is “managing profitable customer relationships.” It has two main goals which are to attract potential customers by guaranteeing them superior quality of service and products and keeping the current customers and making them loyal to the organization by giving them satisfaction. The sole purpose of marketing is to deal with customers; however, it is not the simplest function in the business world as it involves a lot of activities from product development, production, and distribution to branding, selling, and advertising. Hospitality and tourism organization has to understand that nowadays, marketing is not just about simply telling and selling of goods, but it is about satisfying customer needs as well. The marketing department of an organization is the busiest and in fact carries the heaviest load of promoting the products. Whatever the profit that the organization makes is reflected on the activities done by the marketing department.

Figure 1. A simple model of the marketing process.
When doing marketing, one must have to consider that most consumers are: ...
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