Comparison of Two Restaurants

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Restaurants business one of major segments of Hospitality industry in United Kingdom. This assessment report mainly focuses on the analysis of two difference restaurants base on food and beverage principles and theories. Here writer selected McDonald’s Hanger lane for fast food segment and O’Neill’s Ealing for fine dining segments. Evaluation process based on the writer experienced of those two restaurants and used meal experienced check list prepared using food and beverage theories and concept. In addition, writer created SWOT analysis for each restaurants for enhance analysis external and internal factors. Comparative analysis done using several topics for improve clear understand for readers. Used difference academic journals, books and reputed web site details for deliver evidence to support the discuss points by acknowledging relevant authors of such valuable sources. In addition, knowledge grab during the class contributed more to complete this assessment report. Prominent points highlighted during the conclusion for revise reader attention for such points and end of report provide recommendations to the both restaurants to enhance their business performance. There are main two limitations of this this report, first, all provided recommendations relevant only for discussed two restaurants and difficult to generalised and second, majority of points discussed base on writer experienced and that have possibility of involved of unintentional personal biased.

1. Introduction

2012 restaurants market update of keynote shows that market value increase 1.7% during the 2011 compare to 2010. Government informed that UK emerging from recession in this year by Wintour and Stewart (2012). This shows the creating good business atmosphere within the UK. Restaurants are one of main business sector within the hospitality industry and it has several types of categories such as fast foods, fine dining and ethnic special. This report mainly focuses on the compare and contrasts the two differences restaurants, based on the writer meal experienced of those two restaurants and finally try to gives suggestions that important for improve customer experience and sale of such restaurants.

Here writer selected O’Neill’s Ealing mainly for fine dining restaurants and McDonald’s Hanger Lane t for fast food casual restaurants. This comparative analysis base on the writer experienced of those two restaurants and use Meal experience check list (See Appendix: 1) for evaluate these two restaurants. These two restaurants working on difference market segments, however base on the food and beverage theories can easily analysis and evaluate two restaurants.

2. Overview of Restaurants

2.1. O’ Neill’s - Ealing

O’Neill’s is one of restaurants chain of Mitchells and Butlers PLC operation in England and they are specialisation of Irish foods; however they offer both table d’hôtel and A la carte menus. Other than restaurants facilities, O’Neill’s have bar section. This restaurants under the non-captive market and they have powerful strength from the mother company that leader within the UK for Restaurants and Pub including brands like ” Harvester” and “all bar one” ( However, Ealing O’Neill’s need to differentiate itself to face greater competition from surrounds restaurants in Ealing area (See Appendix: 2 for SWOT: O’Neill’s Ealing).

2.2 McDonald’s – Hanger Lane (Near Quill Street)

The world’s largest quick chain restaurants and 1200 restaurants located within the UK ( However McDonald’s under semi-captive food market because customers can choice only from offer alternatives. Open in 24 hours and drive through facilities adds more strength for Hanger Lane McDonald’s apart from the reputed global name. (See Appendix: 3 for SWOT: McDonald’s Hanger Lane)

3. Comparative Analysis

This comparative analysis and...
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