Why Research Is Important

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  • Published : April 3, 2008
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I believe that is important for people in today’s society to have knowledge of research methods because researching specific theories, ideologies, and aspects of today’s culture progresses society further towards a better version of the truth. In any research topic that is doable, the result will more often than not prove or even open the mind to more questions and theories. Take smoking for example. Fifty years ago, smoking was looked upon as a positive part of life established by celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe. It showed a certain class level in society, and truly was the “cool” thing to be doing.

Over the last twenty years research has proven time and time again that smoking is the root cause of many illnesses such as, heart disease, emphysema, lung cancer and even impotence among men. It is because of the knowledge of researching methods that we can now know, therefore being given a choice, of how to better our personal health by not smoking and eliminating the areas where those who chose to smoke can smoke. If it were not for research the truth about smoking cigarettes would never have come to be what it is today and the big cigarette corporations would still be taking advantage of its victims.

Another way to view research methods as an important part of our society is to look at everyday situations that one may take for granted. College and University statistics for instance, would not be available to the public with out research. It is important to have an understanding of research methods to understand where certain information comes from and where “we” as human beings are going to end up in the future. In a sense the result of knowledge of research methods can predict the future.

Whether it is:
Basic or Applied research
Experimental or Quasi-experimental research
Qualitative or Quantitative research
Correlation or Descriptive research
It all counts in the progression and positive outcome of human...
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