Why People Attend College or University

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Different Shopping Behaviors of Men and Women
If we compare two things, we will find their similarities and differences. Similarly, if we look at men and women, we will be able to point out many diversities and resemblances. Considering shopping habits, males and females differ in three main ways—why to shop, how long to shop, and how to bargain. First of all, when it comes to the reasons of shopping, males and females go shopping for different purposes. When most girls go shopping, it is like an outing; it’s a fun thing to do. Most women love to shop and go around all stores and look and try everything they come across though they don’t really wish to buy anything at all. They go shopping no to buy, but just to look around as if it is a kind of entertainment in their free times. Yet males find shopping serious. Not only do most of them dislike shopping but they also regard it as boring and stressful. They go shopping when they need something. They go into the stores, pick up the things they need and leave right away. Second, thinking about the duration in each shopping, males and females are different. Ladies usually spend longer times shopping. Each time they go, they spend at least three hours visiting from one store to another and asking for any information related to goods and products from the shopkeepers though they do not wish to buy them. Moreover, if there is a special discount, they will buy those products without intention. In contrast, boys usually spend less times shopping. Each time, they just go straight to the stores that they plan from home. They do not pay attention to anything they do not plan to buy at all. Though there is a special discount on the things they do not need, neither will they buy nor they take a glance at those goods on sale. Third, in each shopping women and men have the contrasting ways of bargaining. Women are so critical about how to spend their money on each stuff and goods. They wish to spend...
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