Shopping Influence and Identity - Essay

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Shopping Influence and Identity
Shopping plays an important role in my life besides just shooting a basketball, and going to college. For most shopping isn’t a big deal. Some people spend their time on other things rather than shop. Shopping tells a lot about a person’s identity, choices, style, and personal identity. I love to shop there are a few stores that are favorites when I tend to have a few dollars to spend here and there. Without shopping I don’t know what I will do as much as basketball is addictive; shopping is as well. Shopping influences choices such as to where I shop? Why I shop? And with whom I shop. Advertisement is the appeal to my identity and a big influence to the choices I make. Shopping by all means necessary is a choice made by me, largely through the appeal of and influence of advertising.

Zara, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, and Oxford Street are a few of my favorite stores to go to when I shop. These four stores represent my style of dress, fashion, identity and appeal because of the displays of advertisement which influence someone like me to make a choice that fits me. Advertisement has a lot to do with where I shop. The clothes, shoes, styles, and images influence me to select an appeal for which my identity stands out from the rest of the individuals in the world. For example when I am shopping and I see an advertisement of an outfit or some shoes that tends to be to my liking more than likely I will buy because it represents what I like and how I like to dress. Where I shop tells a lot about me from my likings of dressing to a certain standard, looking good, personality, appearance, choice selection, and personal identity. Shopping relaxes my mind, body, and soul. I shop to get away from life for the time being, and to have some personal time with myself. My personal time consist of things such as clearing my head, setting goals, thinking about my career, planning a life for my son, getting the rest of my...
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