Why Many Malaysian Professionals Prefer Working in Foreign Countries Instead of Serving Their Own Country

Topics: Working time, Labour relations, Human resource management Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Why many Malaysian professionals prefer working in foreign countries instead of serving their own country
In recent years, Malaysian professionals leave the country seek new life in a foreign country. There are many reasons why they prefer to working in other country such as high salary, technological infrastructure and balance life.

The Malaysian professionals prefer to work in foreign country because the other country provide higher salary to their worker. Malaysian salaries are significantly lower than other country. So, they leave the Malaysia and stay at developed countries. They also leave Malaysia because encouragement of their parents.

According to Sherilyn Foong (2010), a private equity manager, has stated that many Malaysian have left to Singapore’s Asian scholarship programme. After three years, she taken up permanent residence at Singapore. She said she can’t find jobs in Malaysia.

One reason why Malaysian prefer to work in foreign country is higher technological infrastructures. They prefer to go to the country that have high technology infrastructure. That technological infrastructure can help them to do their work easily.

According to Magladen K (2010), many Malaysian like to work in Singapore. This is because they like the island’s environment, good infrastructure and efficient system. She also like the efficient public transport system in Singapore and the low crime is another reason she work in Singapore.

Besides that, another reason is balance life. The Malaysian prefer to work in balance life between working time and time with family. In Malaysia, they have to work overtime every day.
According to Aileen Ko (2010), her life is more balanced after she works in London. In London, they allow flexible working hours. She have time to rest and spend her time with her family.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why they prefer to working in other country such as high salary, technological infrastructure and balance life. So, to...
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