Issues of Foreign Workers Policy in Malaysia Manufacturing Industry

Topics: Trade union, Human migration, Foreign worker Pages: 9 (3076 words) Published: November 12, 2012
On March 7, 2011 The Star, we know that our Malaysia government had decided to recruit more foreign workers from India which around 45,000 people from India. This is to meet the demand by around 13 sectors which currently in shortage of workforce. So, this resulted in many people and The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) had strongly opposed the decisions made by government. The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) is said as the most representative workers’ organization in Malaysia. Three main objectives emphasized by MTUC: first is to promote the interest of its affiliate unions in order to improve the workers’ economic and social conditions. Second is to ensure the policies are developed and action been taken towards make sure that full employment and setting a minimum wage, a legal maximum working period per week which is 44 hours and served as a training centres for workers. Thirdly, build a Social Security measures that provide retirements benefits, as well as protection against sickness, unemployment, injury, and old age. Overall, MTUC was served to protecting the workers interest or fight for them. According to Nagiah Ramasamy (2008), our Malaysia trade union movement is facing many challenges, which are from neoliberal policies and the changing structures of employment. Due to the strict requirements of the Trade Union Act 1959, Malaysia union are normally small fragmented and regional. But, they still protest the decision of recruiting more foreign workers from India which might harm our local workers benefit. Some local workers are too picky on job selection and they don’t want to work unless there is high salary, benefit or bonus waiting for them. So, attitude towards the job is their main problem. So, the employers forced to retrenched the local workers and recruiting the foreign workers by outsourcing or others way.

The objectives of this assignment are to figure out the problems facing by Trade Unions in Malaysia on migrant and domestic workers. Furthermore, we also know that the impacts of the foreign workers policy in manufacturing industry. In this assignment, we have a more understanding on foreign workers policy as well as the ways to overcome it in future trend.

Literature Review
According to A. Navamukundan (n.d.), employers are cost-conscious and choose workers who are not only inexpensive but also have the necessary skills and comply with strict discipline and hard work. The preference will be for immigrant foreign workers, who will accept both lower wages and worse terms and conditions of employment, as their primary objective is to earn as much money as possible within a short span of time. Those are the reason why the population of immigrant foreign workers are increasing years by years. A study done by Philip S. Robertson Jr (n.d) stated that the Malaysian Government does not have a comprehensive legal and policy framework to regulate the recruitment, admission, placement, treatment, and repatriation of migrant workers. Oversight of migrant workers is divided among ministries, and even within ministries, between various departments. Therefore, foreign worker can easily migrate to our country to find a job which offers them the salary that is higher than their own countries. This has become a threat to the local workers. Nagiah Ramasamy (n.d) proposed that the challenge for union leaders is to build a union movement that can respond effectively to the threats and opportunities that it faces with the growing influence of MNCs and the growing numbers of bilateral trade agreements. Trade unions can help in improving occupational health and safety, decent work and social dialogue with government and employers. It is so obvious that trade union play an important role in fighting for local worker’s right. A study presented by U.S. Department of Labor stated the Government of Malaysia revised its policy on foreign workers so that priority would be given to Malaysians seeking...
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