Brain Drain Issue

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1.0 Introduction
Recent year, brain drain issue once again becomes one of the hot discussed among the Malaysian. According to recent parliamentary report, approximately 140,000 Malaysia left the country in 2007 while the figure was double up to 305,000 between March 2008 and August 2009 as talented Malaysia pulled up stakes, apparently disillusioned by rising crime, a tainted judiciary, human right abuses, and outmoded education system and some other concern (Mariam, 2010). However according Asrul (2011), World Bank identified three reasons behind the country’s brain drain after conducted an online survey in February 2011 of 200 Malaysians living abroad. The report stated that 60 per cent of the respondents found that social injustice as their main concern to migrate or return-migrate, citing unequal access to scholarships and higher education especially among the younger generation within the non-Bumiputera community while 66 percent mentioned that lack of career prospect was a major factor and 54 percent agreed that unattractive salaries as underlying factors in the Malaysian diaspora. While many of the Malaysians are motivated by money and economic incentives, the flight is also driven by other reasons too. Parents emigrate because of their children’s education, women married to non-Malaysians continue to live abroad because spouses are not entitled as Malaysian citizenship or permanent resident status, and homosexuals who are not allowed by the law contribute them to leave Malaysia. Furthermore, Asrul (2011) citing from a census conducted in Singapore 2010 stated that roughly 385,979 Malayisan-born residents and most of them are Chinese ethnic, comprising 47 percent of all skilled foreign labor in the country and a large number of Malaysians obtained their tertiary education overseas at the same time pointing out that those emigrating younger as more of those below 23 are leaving the country..World Bank senior economist Philip Schellekens stated that the outflow of talent was not being replaced with inflows to equilibrium the unbalance, thus damaging the quality of Malaysia’s “narrow” skills base, noting that 60 per cent of immigration into Malaysia had only primary education or less, even as the number of skilled expatriates declined by 25 per cent since 2004 (Lee, 2011).

Table 1 - Source: The Word Bank
From the Table 1 above, we can observe that the Malaysia resident diaspora in Singapore are dominant by Chinese and the amount is still increasing from 85 percent in year 2000 to 88 percent in total in year 2010. Only minority of Malays and Indians are moving to Singapore where only consists of 6 percent and 5 percent in total. Similarly, Chinese language is mostly share among the Malaysian adults in US (61 percent in total) which mean the diaspora to US are mostly Chinese ethnic compare to Malay and Indian ethnic. Therefore, government has to revise their policy to look after this issue why brain drain and diaspora issue to overseas generally is Chinese.

2.0 Talent Corporation and Ways to attract professional
To prevent this phenomenon become worst, Talent Corporation Malaysia (Talent Corp) has been established under Prime Minister’s Department to initiate and facilitate initiatives that will help the country meet its talent needs, by working closely and building partnerships with leading companies and Government agencies. This is to ensure Malaysia can achieve the aim of Economic Transformation Program (ETP) introduce by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak conjunction with the 10th Malaysia Plan where Malaysia is targeted to become high income country in year 2020 by attracting and retain more talented people come to Malaysia to work.

Table 2 – Source: Talent Corporation
From Table 2 above, these objectives and mission are important to Talent Corp to assist the Government in future. It is clear that the aim for Talent Corp is to attract, engage the oversea Malaysian and professional people...
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