Why Html5 Will Disrupt Native Apps

Topics: Disruptive technology, IPhone, Telephone Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: March 11, 2013
In a report by a web development website called Binvisions, over 34% of the top 100 sites are already using HTML5. With support from Apple and Google , HTML5 is positioning itself as the new web standard that enables many features that, previously, only plugins like Adobe Flash can do. Most interestingly, these features are also applicable to the mobile phone, enabling the user to use some of the phone’s capabilities through its Internet browser like an app. With similar capabilities with Apps, HTML5 will disrupt the native Apps market- Android and IOS Apps.

In our course, we learnt about Clay Christensen’s framework of disruptive innovation and the three criteria for disruptive technology to happen. Firstly, there has to be a performance overshoot. Secondly, the alternative has to be cheaper and has a trajectory that will meet the user’s demands. Thirdly, there has to be a motivation asymmetry. Using these three criteria, I will show that HTML5 will probably disrupt the native app market.

Currently, some app’s performances already overshot the user’s demands. They do not require using all of the hardware capabilities of the phone and only simple functions are required. These Apps include Access Apps and Media Apps. Access Apps are Apps that only require a username and password like Banks or a utility, from a mobile device. Media Apps are Apps that show text, pictures or video and they monetize with subscriptions and ads. Most likely, the people developing these Apps are publishers. For both of these Apps, it is cheaper and more efficient for them to implement a HTML5 web app instead. For companies like The Financial Times, they have chose to implement a HTML5 web app instead an IOS app. They cite two reasons for doing so, costs and control. They can “test and deploy features much faster” and retain their business model which requires a username and password. For them, they do no need to access all of the phone’s functions, and therefore do not need to...
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