Mobile Computing and Social Networks

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“Mobile Computing and Social Networks”
Richard Henderson
Dr. James Francisco
CIS 500 – Information Systems for Decision Making


Strayer University

Mobile Computing and Social Networks

Mobile computing and social networks are part of the daily lives of millions of Americans. “48% of American adults own a mobile computing device in some form according to the latest Nielsen data.” (Knott, 2012) As far as social networking site usage “over 65% of all internet users in the United States use social networking sites.” (Brenner, 2012) It is obvious that mobile computing and social networking on the web is not a passing fade. There are many uses and applications for mobile computing and social networks. In this paper a few of these aspects will be examined. First an assessment will be made as to the effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications provide to capture geolocation data and customer data, and quickly upload to a processing server without users having to use a desktop system. Second, an evaluation of the benefits realized by consumers because of the ability to gain access to their own data via mobile applications will be completed. Third, the challenges of developing applications that run on mobile devices because of the small screen size will be examined. Forth, the methods that can be used to decide which platform to support, i.e., iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or Android will be described. Fifth, due to mobile applications requiring high availability because end users need to have continuous access to IT and IS systems, a discussion of the ways of providing high availability will be undertaken. Finally, because mobile devices are subjected to hacking at a higher rate than non-mobile devices, methods of making mobile devices more secure will be examined.

Mobile based applications provide a wealth of information to the end user and businesses alike. Users on the go can download and upload information effortlessly on the go without having to boot up a traditional computer. Businesses can capture customer data from these mobile devices and use it to target their marketing efforts. This is due to the high availability of today’s mobile networks and the effectiveness and efficiency of mobile- based applications. Two types of data that are routinely captured and uploaded today are geolocation data and customer data. Geolocation refers to the “technology that uses data acquired from an individual’s computer or mobile device to identify or describe his/her actual physical location.” (ISACA, 2011, pp. 5, par 1) Finding the users location is done by the use of GPS or through cell tower triangularization. “Most smart phones have a GPS chip inside and the chip uses satellite data to calculate your exact position, which services such as Google Maps can then map.” (Ionescu, 2012) Google Maps is just one of many applications that can utilize the location of potential customers. Examples of these applications are “Foursquare, Path, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Voxer, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger just to name a few.” (Panzarino, 2012) These types of applications are robust and very efficient at uploading customer data and storing it on their data servers, all through the very air we breathe. This data is used in a variety of ways: Geolocation data generally are used for three purposes: Geo-referencing - the physical location of an object or person; geo-coding - refers to the searching of information regarding objects or services on a map; and geo-tagging - adding geographic information to an object, such as a photograph. (ISACA, 2011, pp. 5, par 3) Geolocation data allows mobile users to look up restaurants, find their friends current location, and tagging photos they take while on vacation. Businesses also benefit from the geolocation data they acquire on their customers. “It is used in advertising; to better understand customers’ product and services needs; content...
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