Mobile Computing and Social Networking

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Mobile Computing and Social Networking
Compare and contrast monitoring of patient vital signs using mobile computing technology to in-patient visits to the doctor’s office or hospital. As most of the patients carry mobile devices, they understand the ability to monitor vital signs using mobile computing in real-time and saves time instead of visiting a doctor’s office or hospital. Patients can understand vital signs, and they can visit the doctor at a person’s discretion or otherwise can take over the counter medication. Although doctor’s office or hospitals provide patients with instructions, they are not able to provide patients with accurate information about the disease but using mobile computing technology, patients can get detailed information about the precautions and thorough instructions that required to cure their disease. To answer the patient’s questions, although doctors have a tremendous amount of knowledge, they also use mobile devices as a reference instead of books. Using the mobile technology, patients can see the lab results instead of waiting at the doctor’s office or hospital for the results. Based on the results, patients can determine the severity and take the necessary action. Using new technologies such as e-prescribing, doctors can prescribe medication for their patients instead of writing out a prescription, which has a higher chance for errors and time consuming. With this new technology, patients can pick up their medication from pharmacy instead of dropping off their written prescription. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile computing technology to monitor patients. Advantages of mobile computing technology to monitor patients Major advantage of mobile computing is that anyone can take it with them virtually anywhere. Mobile computing devices allows to access and present data in a user-friendly manner, resulting in better care for patients. Using mobile technology, physicians can provide...