Why Friendships End

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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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Shelby SammonsSammons 1
English 101-008
Causal Argument
Dana Rohleder
Why Friendships End
When growing up, different phases of life bring about different phases of people. Making friends is going to happen. But once a new opportunity comes about, losing communication with friends from past opportunities, can mean losing those friends all together. Losing a friend could result from not being supportive, not knowing how to say sorry, and from lack of communication.

First, losing a friend could happen from not being supportive of a choice that was made. People make their own choices throughout life, having someone there for support means everything to that person. Friends are usually the best support system around, alongside family. But friends will not always agree with or support choices made by another friend. It could be a silly situation like, going away to school for a better education or staying home and going to the technical college in town just to stay near a friend. Friends might say that a better education is not as important as a friendship, but the friend with the choice feels differently and is hurt that the support of a friend has been lost, along with the friend. It could also be a serious situation where the friend who doesn't support another friends choice is for the better, because they are thinking of the safety of that friend. Say one friend decided to start selling drugs, and another friend said that if the action of selling drugs was done the friendship was done also. The friend wanting to sell is not think about friends or anything at that point in time. Only thought in

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their mind is the money they would make. Pushing the concerned unsupportive friends aside leads to friendships ending.
Additionally , losing a friend could happen from not knowing how to say sorry. Things happen and people get hurt. Willing to forgive and forget is easier said than done. Situations where feeling are...
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