Reasons Why Friendships End

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Nsikan-Abasi Amos Akpan
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Causes why Friendships End
Brianna: I think I’m going to drop this course, I’m failing woefully. Audrey: Don’t give up yet, I’ll tutor you.
Brianna: Thank you so much I appreciate it
Audrey: Don’t mention it that’s what friends are for.
“Friends”, this word has so much depth but what exactly does it mean? A friend is a solid rock that provides assistance in time of need, a listening ear and, a personal support system. Real friendships are rare and far between. The relationship between two friends can last forever and pass on to future generations or can be short lived. Friendships end for a plethora of reasons; some are slow: where the two parties drift apart gradually, while some are abrupt and sudden. One natural killer of friendships is distance. When a friend has to move away for one reason or the other; the distance between the two becomes an obstacle to their friendship. At first, the two might try to keep in touch via phone calls, texts messages, e-mails, phone calls. However, more often than not, these long phone calls and lengthy messages turn into unreturned calls and one word messages. Each of them now have new experiences, in most cases, the two parties meet other people and form new relationships in which the other is not part of. As a consequence of this, friendship becomes null and void and the bond connecting them together is broken. Another factor that could possibly disintegrate a friendship is a difference in upbringing. Each home is different from the next and child has a different view of life. It is almost impossible for two people with different backgrounds to stay as friends. Early in the relationship, this clash of belief is regarded as source of humour. Nevertheless, as time goes by the jokes and comments seem to become less hilarious. There is scarcely any body without an ideal they hold dear above other notions, or a family situation, that is not normal. These ideals differ based on family...
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