Broken Friendship

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Most often when friendships were broken, it is hard to put it back the same as what before. What are the most causes of break up?

It is really true that when friendships will be broken, it is hard to return it back to what it has been before. Things can be patched up but the friendship  will never return the same.  Well, there are other friendships that when it is tried and tested, it will blossom and become strong the second time around but that cases were seldom. What are the things that can cause relationship break up for friends?

Number one is dishonesty. When  friends become dishonest to each other, this will ruin the relationship. Trust is broken when the other is dishonest.  Once the trust is broken, it is hard to put it back.  Even if the other will tell the truth, if he once lied, he will be having a hard time to let the other person believe him. Dishonesty causes heart aches which will result to broken friendship. You don’t want to be associated with the person who hurts you so staying away from each other is the best way to heal the hurt. Jealousy is another thing that can cause break up of friendship. Some people are jealous when their friends join other circles of friends. They want to have them exclusively specially if they are already close to each other. When there is jealousy, there is quarreling. There is no peace in their midst because of ill feelings cause by jealousy and the result is one each way or they will separate ways.

Gossiping is another problem with friendships specially for ladies. Some people have no control of their mouths and they will assasinate their friends through words. When the other party heard it, the friendship is ruined. Tale bearers and gossipers are dangerous enemies of friendships. These will ruin the  relationship at any time. Demanding and possessive attitude of friends are hard to deal. This can cause ill feelings and aggravation and eventually break up of friendships. If people will only understand and...
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