Why Do You Want to Pursue this Graduate Program at Mays Business School?

Topics: Graduate school, Certified Public Accountant, Bachelor's degree Pages: 5 (1984 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Why do you want to pursue this graduate program at Mays Business School? As a business major, I would not want to miss the opportunity of getting a top-notch education from Texas A&M University. My decision for choosing Texas A&M University is based on financial reasons and the likelihood of being sponsored for the H-1B Visa after I graduate. As an international student, the financial concern has a major impact on my decision. Texas A&M University has a reputation for being one of the most affordable schools, with one of the best accounting programs. The first reason this university is affordable is that the university offers numerous assistantship positions for graduate students. Another reason for its reasonable price is unique compared to universities in other states. If I do not receive any assistantships, but receive a few scholarships, I would only have to pay in-state tuition fees. This will reduce my financial burden significantly. Despite my financial issues, my visa status is another reason I chose Texas A&M University. To work in the United States after I graduate, my student F1 visa has to be changed to H-1B work visa. My employer has to sponsor me to change my visa status. Because Texas A & M is such a reputed university, a degree from here increases my likelihood of being sponsored for H-1B Visa status after I graduate. With the outstanding status of the accounting department, and my hard work in a graduate school, I will have a better chance of getting hired, and I will eventually be able to change my visa status. In this economy, I have to be very careful where I get my degree because employers would rather hire an unemployed American student versus an international one. If I do not get a degree from a respectable university, employers would not go through the process of changing my visa status due to the time and money associated with the process. Furthermore, the situation gets worse if the university is located in a small town because small town employers may have never dealt with hiring international students. Thus, I have to consider the location of school. Since the public firm in Texas highly values degrees from Texas A & M, there is more of a chance of being sponsored for H-1B Visa. Since I have to pay for my degree out of my pocket, all the scholarships and assistantship opportunities lured me to Texas A & M University. In addition, the chance of getting a degree from such a reputed university, for relatively less money, is a bonus. Lastly, the likelihood of getting sponsored for H1-B Visa has a huge impact in my decision.

What are your career goals, and how will this degree help you achieve those goals?

My immediate career goal is to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and work as an auditor in one of the Big 4 firms. Although I want to enter into the business world as an auditor, my long-term goal is to work as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of a Fortune 500 Company. I believe that obtaining a Master’s degree in accounting will prepare me for my career. I admire all the successful CEOs of big companies. Their reputation, personality, and intelligence have always amazed me. I have visualized myself as one of them in my future. However, I have slowly realized that there are thousands other people with the same dream, who fail miserably. I wanted to figure out why people fail and how can I avoid failure. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to be successful in a business, I needed to learn the language of business. This is when I decided to pursue a degree in Accounting. My desire to learn more about business encouraged me to choose accounting as my major. An accounting degree will help me understand all financial statements, rules and regulations, various ratios, and other valuable knowledge which I would have been deprived of if I had chosen to obtain a regular business degree. By watching other businesses fail, I had already realized that instead...
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