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  • Published : June 3, 2011
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Professional Opportunities with a Business Degree
Carla Thomas Drayton
March 14, 2011
Essentials of Managerial Communication
Jodi Russo

New Professional Opportunities a Business Degree Affords

A career in business is more varied than most people realize. Having a career in business you can involve the obvious functions such as management and marketing. Again most people don’t know that you can be the backbone for economic, political and social systems at all levels. Having a business degree can be applied to virtually any industry and can also help you start your own business. Some of the new professional opportunities this degree afford to employees would be a higher position within the company as well a pay increase. Let’s take Krystal’s restaurant for example not only will they pay for your schooling while working there you can apply for a higher position and continue working your way up the latter. For example if you’re an employee you can apply for management and if you’re already a manager you can apply for the district manager position. Those to major moves not only give you a different position but benefits and money comes right alone with it as well. Now don’t get me wrong with this degree you are not limited to just working in restaurants you are able to put in application in doctors office, warehouses, clinics, hotels, and etc. Other types of careers that people with a business degree would have are Accounting, Human Resource, Customer Service, Sales, Receptionist, and Administrative Assistant. All of these jobs come with different pays and benefits. I know somewhere down the line you would want a ball park ideal of how much money can be earned with a business degree. Well I can tell you that you can make anywhere from 27,450 to 60,000. If there are any further questions about the earning potentials a person with a Business Degree has you can check out the Pay Scale web site and it will break it down for you alone with...
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