Who the Blame

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Jerriett Hand
ENG 122 English composition 2
Instructor Amanda Price
December 2, 2012

With Childhood obesity on the rise, who should be held responsible for such epidemic? Should it be the children, the parents, genetics, or the media? I believe that the scope and nature of childhood obesity should start with the parents. Parent plays a major role on the decisions of their children’s meal choices. The choice that parents choose to make is crucial to their children’s diets because certain intakes are unhealthy and leads to childhood obesity. Another reason the scope and nature of childhood obesity starts with the parents is because they have the authority to guide their children on what type of extra-curricular activities to choose. As we all know, extra-curricular activities that involves sports, or any type of physical activities, helps burn calories and is vital to keeping weight down. The problem is, is that a lot of parents allows their children to develop bad eating habits, and engage in activities with minimum physical requirements (i.e. video games, watching TV, and sleeping). Another scope and nature of childhood obesity is the media. The world we live in now relies on convenience. For example, the fast food industry uses the media to appeal their food to society. Most of the commercials that aired on TV are about some type of food that is unhealthy. My specific claim will argue that we can only blame the factors that contribute (i.e. Parents and media) to childhood obesity. I will display different examples of how these factors contribute to the issue. The reason that it is important that these factors are important to discuss is because both parents and the media are major influences on the choices that children makes, and can be considered the first line of defense towards the epidemic. Even the fast-food industry holds some of the problem, children only do what their parents let them and with the parent’s...
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