Daniel Weintraub Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Health Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Victor Camacho Jr.

WEINTRAUB "The Battle against fast food begins at home" ESSAY

According to his article, “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins In The Home”, the author, columnist and blogger Daniel Weintraub, argues parents, not fast-food companies or the government are responsible for their child's health and well being. Weintraub supports this claim by providing data from the Center For Public Health Advocacy on the subject of overweight schoolchildren, State law recommendations outlining nutritional standards, and his own experience with the problem. Weintraub intends to convince or persuade the parents or parent to accept the blame for their overweight child. From my standpoint, however, it is clear the parents or parent should not be the only ones to blame for the increasing weight problems children were dealing with, and are still currently dealing with today. Granted. The parents are responsible for their child's healthy eating habits and manners, but even Weintraub acknowledges ulterior causes to a child's weight problems while still reinforcing his claims. According to the Center For Public Health Advocacy, in Wientraubs article, they blamed the problem on the “increasing consumption of fast food and soft drinks, larger portion sizes in restaurants, the availability of junk food on campus,” and “advertising of junk food to children and families.” These are factors adults with kids to provide for should not be held accountable for. They cannot control how pervasive advertisements for fast-food are, or how available the food is, not to mention how healthy the food is. These are some examples of Fast-food industries holding power over what you eat by providing cheap and available food for their target group, in this case young children or families with children. These groups are specifically targeted by industries to buy their products by appealing to their interest. Children being the most susceptible should have limited...
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