Which Sources of Knowledge-Books, Websites, the Media, Personal Experience, Authorities or Some Other - Do You Consider Most Trustworthy, and Why, and Why?

Topics: Publishing, Source, Self-publishing Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Which sources of knowledge-books, websites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other - do you consider most trustworthy, and why, and why? Knowledge has always existead in our world, and will most defiantly be there eternally. With all this knowledge around us, in space or here at home, we have also recorded this knowledge in some sort of way, may this be by books, personal experience or even as a website. In the generations, our point of view and our perspective to these sources of knowledge has changed, due to the develoapment of technology and other economical development. Looking at this from the view of all the knower, any source of knowledge can be seen as useful and trustworthy, depending on the emotion, sense perception, reasoning and the language involved. Publishers will only publisha books that have quite high standards, as they will be looking to create a profit from publishing it if a book is not up to there standards they simply won't apublish it as. Also books are written by professionals who specialize in that topic area that the book is being written in so you can expect that the overall accuracy of the information in the books to be quite high. These professionals will need to go through a publisher and have his writing edited. However tahere are always exceptions to the rule. The human hunger for knowledge will never be satisfied. This is why people utilize various sources such as books, web sites, the media, and personal experiences to gain a greater understanding of the woarld. From the afore mentioned sources of knowledge, all of them are secondary except for one's personal experiences, meaning that the knowledge we obtain is from other people's resaearch and observations. There are many limitations to both these types of knowledge (primardy and secondary) when assessing which source is the most tarustworthy. Although, before assessing which source is the most trustworthy, we must first define what trustworthy knowledge is...
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