Credible vs Non-Credible

Topics: Bias, .com, World Wide Web Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: February 4, 2013
The web has become a major learning tool, with access to virtually anything one wants to know. With the web being so informative, it is imperative that we maintain a keen eye to distinguish what is a credible source as opposed to a Non-credible source.

Both Credible and Non-Credible sources utilizes domain URL ending in ".com or .org.". Many URLs such as ".gov, .mil, and .edu." tend to be credible however; this form of identification is not just enough. One must be able to have other ways to distinguish a credible site from it’s not so factual counterpart. In order to deem a website credible, we must take into consideration the following points: Is the website consistent? Are we able to first cross check the author? What is the mission/purpose of the site? Is the information provided bias in any which way shape or form? and finally can the sources be validated?. A credible site should also be able to provide you with the date the information was published and how it is monitored or edited for its accuracy.

I consider " a credible website. This site is authentic, reliable and believable but most importantly it can be trusted. After reviewing the site I noticed that the information along with the authors are provided; all of the articles are factual and can be verified through research/experimentation and is completely unbiased. This site is extremely resourceful, educational and can be a vital tool for any one doing a paper or looking for information in the scientific field.

An example of a Non-credible Website I would be "" Even though this website is very informative, not all information is factual. Going through the site I notice that most of the information provided come from individuals who have no solid knowledge base of the topics being discussed and majority of the responses are biased. This site does provide links to sources like Wiki answers and video answers but neither one of them show any...
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