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Intro to Anthropology

1. The Adavasio article is about archaeology and the first people in North America. It talks about the first humans on North America and the time that they arrived there. The evidence of the first people there is the artifacts such as the Clovis spear points.

2. The assumption that the article makes is that there was new evidence that states humans inhabited the area around some four thousand years before any human being was supposed to be in North America. The evidence was charcoal taken from two fire pits, it was placed at around 13,000 B.C. This at the time went against the work and other evidence that placed human beings in the area at a much later date.

3. There is a lot more evidence of the Clovis man found throughout America. The Clovis spear point was a man made tool and it was found with mammoth bones. That proves that it was most likely human beings and it also places a time frame. On the other hand the charcoal may prove an earlier date of life, but it is not as concrete as the spear points.

4. The author does not really talk about alternative possibilities. The article simply states that evidence was found that was going to contradict the time that other archaeologists said humans inhabited North America. It doesn’t really go in depth about the charcoal; it mostly states that this would be a big controversy against other archaeologists and their proven work.

5. I enjoyed the Adavasio article. I learned that the past history is based on strong facts and evidence, but new evidence can always come up that can disprove the old theory. Also that people can be very reluctant to take new theories into consideration if they have been told and believe in a different one.
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