Where Charlie Moore Goes Wrong in the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division Hbr Case Analysis

Topics: Decision making, Management, Leadership Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: June 1, 2012
Charlie’s Leadership Style
In assessing where Charlie Moore goes wrong, it’s important to look at his leadership style. According to the DiSC style, Charlie is a “Steady (S) Leader.” Specifically, this means Charlie operates at a methodical pace and likes leading in an orderly environment. He may readily view leading in a “fast-paced” environment as intimidating or stressful. His leadership style is collaborative in nature and he values group efforts. Charlie is a cautious leader that seldom leads by authority as he is comfortable working behind the consensus of the group as he doesn’t like making decisions alone. He is demotivated by competitive environments and changing direction abruptly. He enjoys leading in a harmonic environment devoid of confrontations and conflict. Leaders prepare the Organizations for change

Charlie does not build trust nor align his people
As a leader Charlie needs to “prepare organizations for change and help them cope as they struggle through it” (Week2, Lecture2). The first evidence of Charlie’s failure as a leader is when he calls the group together to communicate the news about losing their major customer. The mood is somber as Charlie calls the group together to “mourn” (Sloane, The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division, HBR, p.1) and to figure out what needs to be done about it. As a leader he must exude a sense of “positive energy” (Jack Welch, Winning, p.84) to prepare his people to act and energize their best thinking to deal with this challenge. His style of (S) may not like change, but he needs to set a tone of optimism and decisiveness that says that they will come through this challenge successfully. Another example of where Charlie goes wrong is that he doesn’t develop an environment of trust where his people don’t hold back – even though he may not like conflict. As an example of this, Charlie has several meetings to ask his team what their thoughts are about how to compete. For the first time in four years his team...
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