What Justice Means to Me

Topics: Law, Justice, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: December 23, 2008
What Justice Means to Me
Sheila Hester
University of Phoenix
December 15, 2008

“The quality or characteristic of being just, impartial, or fair: conformity to truth, fact, or reason,” is how Merriam Webster defines justice (Merriam Webster, 2002). One could look in hundreds of different sources only to find a multitude of ways in which to define justice. Justice, in my opinion, is simply doing the right thing at all times, so that individuals and society, as a whole, are impacted and influenced in a positive manner, obeying the laws that have been set forth, and applying those same laws as they were intended without bias or prejudice. Doing the Right Thing

Justice is a matter of rightfulness and impartiality. In order for a person to embody true justice, certain acts must take place. If an illegal act is taking place, such as a drug deal, and the parties involved are friends of the witness, in order for justice to be rightfully administered, the witness must do what is right and lawful. This would entail reporting the act to the proper authorities. The witness must be able to put himself or herself in a place of impartiality and take a stand for what is right. This ensures that a drug dealer is taken off the street which, in turn, positively affects society. Obeying the Laws

In order for a person to be considered a law abiding citizen, he or she must do just that, obey the law. Although much debate that obeying the law can be overturned if extenuating circumstances are prevalent, one would have to agree that a moral duty and obligation exist to see that the laws are practiced and obeyed (Patterson, 1996). Obeying the laws of the land exceed far beyond stopping at stop signs and driving the speed limit. Obedience is the moral and civic duty of every citizen to uphold the highest standard of the law and not deviate from what is right and just.

Applying the Laws
Gloria Killian served time in prison unjustifiably. She was imprisoned for a crime she...
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