What Does Justice Mean to You?

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Law Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Justice means having someone adjudicated and found guilty for a crime they have committed. Laws are put in place for a reason and everyone should have to abide by them. Just having a criminal off the street is enough justice for me, but locking one up and “throwing away the key” will not make them better; it will probably not change them at all and eventually make their situation worse. Convicted felons need a plan of treatment. First, they need to realize what they have done was wrong. Next, they need to understand that there are consequences for their actions. Finally, they need to have a plan for rehabilitation so they do not recidivate. The criminal justice system is used to maintain order and control. There are three main components of the criminal justice system; Law enforcement, courts and corrections. Law enforcement officers enforce the laws, maintain the safety of the public and apprehend the criminals; the court convicts the criminals, ensures due process, upholds the law and protects the rights of anyone facing processing; finally, they go to a correctional institution to carry out their sentence. The corrections component attempts to rehabilitate, reform and reintegrate convicted offenders. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and the Department of Corrections are not always aware of changes in the laws. The courts are set up to be fair, so law enforcement usually end up on the defense. Since judges are elected into the court, there are usually political conflicts within the system. Also, personal feelings about the crime committed can cause a conflict with charges filed and sentence given. There are two models of criminal justice; Due process and crime control. The crime control theory is that criminals should be pursued and crimes punished. I agree that all crimes should be punishable, but should the crime be investigated before giving a person a bad name? The due process model is focused on the rights of the individual. The 14th amendment...
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