What Is a Bboy?

Topics: Dance Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: March 24, 2013
David Le
Date 3/20/13
Dr. Hasell
ENGL 1301 – 38107
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What is a Bboy? (final)
Bboying is not just a movement. It is a passion, a language, a form of art and expression. The terms bboy (be-boy) and breaker come from the words beat boy and break boy. Bboy refers to someone who dances to the beat of the music and breaker refers to someone who dances to the break section of a song. The part of a song where there is no singing, just pure instrumental music. Essentially bboys and breakers are the same. Breaking is very different and unique when you compare it to other styles of dance. Ballet revolves around graceful movements while bboying can be whatever the dancer feels like doing during a song. All that matters is the beat of the music and the passion of the dancer. The most important thing about bboying is having the opportunity to express yourself, that brief moment when you can be true to yourself.

Bboying is a unique form of art. You may have heard that painters need inspiration before they can create art. For a bboy, the music is the inspiration, from the instant you feel the beat moving through your body to the very end of each dance set. That small interval of time is when someone would paint the picture of what he or she is feeling through physical movements. Some might have the urge to do power moves. These moves involve require strength and complete control over the body, for example hopping while holding a one handed handstand. Other dancers might feel the music is moving them to express in slower more fluid motions by maybe gracefully sliding and spinning while on their knees. There are some basics moves for breakdancing but the best dancers are original and create their own personal signature moves or styles. Once a year the best bboy crews from all around the world will come to one spot and battle each other through dance in order to gain respect from other dancers all around the...
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