Topics: Islam, Egypt, Middle East Pages: 4 (430 words) Published: May 13, 2013
GLOBAL STUDIES DOWLINGFirst Semester Exam Study Guide The exam will include:
• Map (20 points): Identify 10 Middle Eastern countries • Matching (30): you must do 15 out of 20
• ID (15): You will choose 3 out of 6 to identify what it is and why it is historically significant, as well as placing it in historical context. • Short Answer (15) choose 3 out of 6 (1-2 paragraphs) • Essay (20) (3-4 paragraphs)

Major Themes
• Know geography of Middle East, including major bodies of water

• Importance of geography to people and their way of life, occupations, view of God, government, etc.

• Cultural diffusion; what types of events trigger it? What does it mean for the countries involved? What are examples of it that we have studied?

• What were the steps of the mummification and burial process? Why did Egyptians build pyramids? What do those rituals exhibit about what they believed about the afterlife?

• What is imperialism? How does it affect the two countries involved? What benefits might a country gain from being imperialistic? What are the dangers of imperialism? Examples.

• The Spartan lifestyle; average life of a Spartan warrior, from birth until death. What were the reasons that the Spartans chose this lifestyle?What were women’s roles in Spartan society?

• The Five Pillars of Islam: What are the purposes they serve for Muslim worship? How do they affect Muslim lifestyle?

• Apartheid: definition, purpose, rise and fall

The Essay Topic is:

Explain how Jews, Christians and Muslims trace their heritage back to Abraham. How does this hereditary lineage affect their vision of God? What are some major similarities and differences in the construction and practice of their religions? Trace the spread of all three religions through the Middle East, Africa and into Europe. What events in history have caused conflicts...
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