Wengart Aircraft

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The one of the macro problems Wengart Aircraft is having is that they are the second largest company in the industry but are only ranked sixth in profitability (Brown, 2011). Wengart gets a large amount of contracts but they are spending a lot of money reworking most of the aircrafts after they come off of the production line. Another problem is the quality of their aircrafts is in question with the Secretary of Defense and other private customers. The Secretary of Defense has gone as far to say if there is not an improvement in quality they will start holding portions of their payments as penalties. This would not be good because Wengart is already struggling to make profits due to the poor quality of work. In order to fix these problems Ralph Larsen the president of Wengart has brought in an organization development practitioner to help him understand the TQM that the Department of Defense wants him to implement. This leads to the biggest problem Wengart is facing because after the practitioner makes his points, Larsen thinks that the TQM is common sense and that Wengart is already doing most of the points. Larsen than calls a meeting of his vice presidents and put Kent Kelly in charge of the program, even after one of the vice presidents suggested Larsen be in charge of the program because the TQM should be a joint project meaning the human resources and production departments work together. Larsen however did not feel that he had the time to be in charge of the program because he wanted to concentrate his efforts to increasing profits. After the meeting Kelly sends a memo to Allan Yoshida explaining the TQM program, with that information Yoshida calls a meeting of manager and line supervisors to give them the details of the TQM program. Yoshida than went and email all employees an outline of the TQM plan and told them to ask their managers or supervisor for more details if they had questions. After that rumors began to...
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