Hrm 531 Individual Assignment Week 6

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Sales Pages: 12 (3165 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Individual Assignment:
* Career Development Plan Summary
Kuganesh Manogharan
University of Phoenix
Tiffany Mytty
February 20, 2011

Within the next 12 months, Kudler Fine Foods plans to increase customer loyalty by offering added high-margin services, leveraging a better understanding of customer purchase patterns, and providing more efficient operations. Kudler Fine Foods also plans to increase the customer base through social network marketing, word of mouth, and increasing profitability by cost reductions initiatives. In view of this strategic direction, Kudler Fine Foods needs to restructure and set up of a sales and marketing team.

This proposal aims to provide justifications and recommendations on the restructuring plans including job descriptions and qualifications for the sales and marketing team, training programs to introduce and enhance skills and qualifications, methods for evaluating performance and challenges, incentive, and benefit packages, strategies for managing career development, and an appropriate compensation plan.

Job Analysis
The job analysis identifies that Kudler Fine Foods does not have a sales and marketing team to champion the strategic direction and spearhead all sales and marketing initiatives. A sales and marketing team will also improve the identification and development of new business opportunities, give input on sales and marketing plans, and manage any sales and marketing initiatives.

Workforce planning
Upon completion of the job analysis, this proposal considers the workforce planning requirements. Workforce planning is an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands (Cascio, 2006). This general view suggests the following interrelated activities that together comprise the integrated work planning system: 1. Inventory of talent currently on hand

All sales and marketing initiatives are spearhead and managed by Kathy Kudler and assisted by the respective store managers. Therefore, the inventory of talent currently at hand indicates the need for additional employees to manage the sales and marketing function. 2. Forecasts of employee supply and demand over short-and long-term periods

The workforce planning forecasts the following employee requirements to manage the sales and marketing team: * Director of sales and Marketing - 01 position * Sales and marketing executives – 03 positions * Sales and marketing assistant – 01 position.

The job descriptions and job specifications for the sales and marketing team are attached in the Appendix. 3. Action plans including training needs
The action plan recommends all newly appointed sales and marketing employees to participate in the following generic training program offered at Kudler Fine Foods: * New employee orientation

* Employee handbook
* A three-week on-the-job training program
* A 60-day period of working with an assigned "buddy" coworker
As the customers expect to be served by courteous and knowledgeable associates, the newly appointed sales and marketing executives will also receive the following trainings within the first year of hire: * Skills training (e.g. customer services, communication, interpersonal skills, and selling skills training) to meet the highest standards of customer service, *...
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