Real World Applications of Od Principles

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Real World Applications of OD Principles

BUS370: Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is the systematic application of behavioral science to bring about planned change in organizations. The intended objectives are improved adaptability, productivity, and effectiveness. These objectives are accomplished by changing values, attitudes, strategies, behaviors, procedures, and structures so that organizations can adapt to the changing technology, and competitive forces. (Taylor, n.d.). People and organizations deal with change on a daily basis. Change is inherent in contemporary organizational experience and many companies are constantly competing in changing market environments. With successful change, these companies have evolved and adapted to stay competitive and profitable. (Burke, Church, and Waclawski, 1993). After learning the largest retailer in town, an automotive support industry, is moving their business to Mexico, my business will face some challenges in the retail and employment market. In order to keep my small business successful, I will apply OD principles to ensure my business stays alive and possibly make it become the largest retailer in the town. I will be using the five step model for OD to ensure the continued operation of my business. After hearing the big news that a major employer has just announced its big move to Mexico, there are several decisions I have to make. The automotive support industry has been a huge competitor of ours for a number of years. With a big move like this, many people will face unemployment. The first thing that I will do is to gather up all of the information pertaining to the automotive industry’s big move, then gather up all the facts in order to help bring the necessary change within my organization and begin the OD process. OD is a continuing process of long term organizational improvement consisting of five stages. The...
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