Week 8 Drop Box

Topics: Statistics, Arithmetic mean, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: August 28, 2011
PSY 324
Wk 8 Dropbox Assignme

1.      What is more useful for computing and understanding a measure of something, the average - or - the standard deviation?

The Standard deviation is more useful for computing and understanding the measure of something. For example, if you know the standard deviation of a test given to a group of students is 5 and the average is 80, this tells you much more information than just having the average score. If on the other hand the standard deviation is 20 and the average is still 80, this tells yet another story. 2.      Why would you use a Nonparametric statistic?

You would use a Nonparametric statistic to measure something that cannot be measured with numbers. An example would be a movie review that is ranked by stars. You would use this if the data has ranking information but no numerical interpretation. This is also good for smaller groups. 3.      If two things are correlated, does that mean one thing is causing the other to happen? No. Just because things are correlated or related does not mean one will cause the other to happen. An example of a positive correlation is age and income; people who are older tend to earn more money. An example of a negative correlation is latitude and temperature; as latitude increases, temperature tends to decrease. 4.  Describe an experiment requiring the statistic ANOVA for analysis.  Describe the Dependent Variable, the Independent Variable, the Levels of the Independent variable, and make sure you are using the correct types of data for each variable.  An experiment requiring the statistic ANOVA for analysis would be finding out what model of vehicle a particular age group prefers to buy. The Dependent Variable would be the models of cars; Sedans, Sport cars, or SUV’s. The Independent Variable would be the different ages.

The Levels of the Independent Variable could be a breakdown as follows; 20-30
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