Hypothesis Testing Method

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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MATH 2050 Project Guidelines
Your grade will be determined by the paper you hand in and the presentation you give.

Your population of interest will be all MTSU students.
For the simplicity’s sake, we will use our class as our “random” sample.

Your tasks:

Data Collection:
Determine 4 to 6 variables (at least 2 quantitative and 2 qualitative) you would like to collect information on from the sample. •Write a survey that asks clear questions that will allow you to collect your data. Type this survey up in (with your name somewhere at the top) and print 45 copies.

Research Questions:
Write at least 3 research questions about the population that can be answered from your data. Two or more of these questions should be able to be answered by a hypothesis test (these questions will investigate relationships between variables) and one or more could be answered from a confidence interval (this question will investigate the true value of an unknown parameter).

Data Analysis:
Conduct appropriate data analysis techniques to answer your research questions. This analysis should include two or more hypothesis tests, can include one confidence interval, and should include at least one graph. (If you don’t do a confidence interval, you should do at least 3 hypothesis tests.)

Write a paper that includes the following:
An introduction that gives an overview of the big idea of your project and the research questions you sought to answer •A methods section that clearly states your methodology (what data did you collect, how did you collect it, and how do you plan to analyze it?) •A results section that clearly states how you analyzed the data (clearly report the results of your data analysis… include graphs and tables where necessary… give the specifics of the results of your data analysis here (p-values, etc.)) •A conclusion section that discusses how your data analysis informed your research questions. Include limitations of your...
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