Exercise 16

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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1. The researchers analyzed the data they collected as though it were at what level of measurement? * a.Nominal
* b.Ordinal
* c.Interval/ratio
* d.Experimental

2. The mean in is 97.12

3. When looking at the information provided the baseline mean was 14.00 and the posttest mean was 13.36. This means that the subjects in the experimental group scored lower on the depression posttest, concluding that they were less depressed after the completing the empowerment program.

This would have been an expected finding. The researchers originally hypothesized that the “patients with ESRD who obtain the empowerment program have higher levels of empowerment and self-care self-efficacy and are less depressed than those who do not receive the program” (Grove, 118).

4. Both the mean baseline and posttest scores of the control group were 10.40. This means that there was not a change in depression levels between the control group subjects and the baseline subjects. This data shows that the depression levels of the depression decreased for the experimental group, thus making the case even stronger in favor of the original hypothesis.

5. Since the empowerment posttest scores showed the SD of 7.28 for the experimental groups this showed the least amount of dispersion or variability

6. Since there was the largest SD, a score of 14.88, the self-care self-efficacy scores of the experimental group’s baseline had the greatest amount of dispersion.

7. The mean () is a measure of ____central____ ____tendency_____ of a distribution while the SD is a measure of ______dispersion_______ of its scores. Both and SD are ____descriptive____ statistics

8. In the Relevant Study Results it shows that the mean severity for renal disease was 6.74. The research showed that the dispersion of the renal disease severity scores was 2.97 and there was a range of severity scores of 0-10. The Relevant Study Results showed that there was...
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