Week 8: Assignment: Hardware Replacement Project

Topics: Project management, Net present value, Internal rate of return Pages: 4 (1059 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Hardware Replacement Project
Dwayne Dunivan
Dr. Karmin Ruocco

Hardware Replacement Project
The implementation of any type of Information Systems Project needs to be properly looked over, in order to make sure its success. There are five major variables of project management that can help with the success of any project, which are scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. It could be the deciding factor for getting it done correctly, or possibly not getting it done. With any project, it could cost your company money by leaving you without the information you are counting on. The breakdown of the five major variables are Scope, which tells you what hardware will need to be replaced, what will be the new hardware that will be replacing the old, what type of people will need to be on the project, how many people will it take to complete the job, and what data will need to be transferred from the old hardware. Time, which could cost you the most, on these types of projects are needed to determine how much it will cost, for the company and project managers. You will need to know how much time will be needed to complete the job, so the management can make the decision about how plausible it will be to go further in the plan. Cost, which is needed to make sure the company, has the proper amount of money to implement the project while maintaining the business itself. It also determines how many people they will be able to hire and the amount of man hours will be able to use. Quality, which is how well the project will finish, by making sure it gets done on time, and all of the promised results are all working. Risk, which is the potential of delayed times, over spending of the budget, and certain parts of the system that could end up not working. When selecting any projects you want to take in consideration the five major variables but also consider all of the benefits, on how will the projects help the company, compared to what the company...
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