Week 1 Memo

Topics: Better, Management, Policy Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: February 21, 2013
February 13, 2013
TO: Mr. Thomas Electro, CEO of Electronica
FROM: Bob Knight
SUBJECT: System Compliance Training

Project Overview

The core of Electronica has always been electronics and technology, without these there would be no innovation or progress in today’s economy. The constant evolution of technology gives organizations the edge on the market and allows the company to lead the pack in technology. Once you start to see the economy as an evolving system of technologies, you begin to realize that an awful lot of innovation has to do with understanding the new possibilities that exist (Kleiner, 2013). Organizations that evolve with the continual growth that the technology industry provides continue to produce products on demand allowing the organization to excel in revenue. The organization already provide state of the art electronics and technology, however this process can be improved upon. Every department will contribute to the success of the organization and training is the first step in this process. Training will be approximately 10 hours and management will be required to attend this training to show the importance of this training. When the training session’s has been complete an evaluation sheet will be issued to all attendees to gather information if the training was beneficial. Objectives

* To training all managers to the standards of the System Compliance requirements to increase efficiency. * The introduction of new policies and the importance of enforcing them through training. * Increase team building skills through interaction in group projects. * Gather all concepts learned in training and apply them in situations to increase the value of the company. Stakeholders

The stakeholders are not only shareholders of the company but also employees. All employees involved in the training will benefit from hands on experience and fully understanding the new compliance system through team...
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