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  • Published : February 19, 2011
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Web Site Structure
Joshua Daniel
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Web Site Structure
The purpose of this paper is to discuss and compare three Web site structures from the student textbook “New Perspectives on the Internet” by Schneider and Evans. This student will identify the preferred structure and why; provide two Web site locations with URL addresses, and discuss advantages to Cascading Style Sheets in the creation of a web page. A hierarchical structure is where the “pages are linked going from the most general page down to more specific pages…In a hierarchical structure, users can easily move from general to specific and back again.” (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 65). A linear structure is where “each page is linked with the pages that follow and precede it in an ordered chain.” (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 64). Linear structure does allow for augmented pages “in which each page contains an additional link back to an opening page.” (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 65). The third type of structure is called Mixed structure where “the overall form is hierarchical, as users can move from a general introduction to individual…however, links also allow users to move through the site in a linear fashion. (Schneider/Evans. 2006. p. 66). A Mixed structure provides the up and down and side to side movement within a site. The preference of this student would be Mixed structure and Hierarchical structure as these two types of structures provide maximum movement throughout a Web site. Formatting links, home pages and paths are unique to each Website; but, however, are similar depending on structure. A web site that this student enjoys to peruse is the National Geographic Web site, with the URL located at This site appears to be styled in a hierarchical structure, as it allows general to specific inquiry. It also allows the movement of backward and forward. Another web site of interest to this student is Facebook, with the...